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I have over 30 years experience of teaching, researching, as well as developing and facilitating groups and teams within both Higher Education and organisational contexts. I have worked with SME’s, large corporate companies, including J.P. Morgan, PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as leaders within the NHS and other public company settings.

Leadership Development

Leadership development may include working on a one to one basis as a mentor/coach, helping a leader to help reach their own potential, or working with cohorts of leaders/followers as a group in providing ways of improving relationships. Alternatively it may mean facilitating a series of leadership focus groups for senior and/or middle managers.


Group Facilitation

I can offer facilitation and support for any company who wish to learn how to work more effectively and efficiently in sectors/departments or small groups. I am also able to run focus groups for companies as a one off, or to help problem solve over time in motivational, communication and/or commitment/trust issues.


Personality Assessment

I am accredited and have experience in assessing personality type using the MBTI personality instrument. This can be helpful for both managers and employees to assess their preferences in terms of how they see the world, how they process knowledge, work in their roles, and how they can personally develop. The instrument can also be used with a bespoke team of people or between leaders and followers.


Team Training

I have a wealth of experience in training teams in both task and team skills. For example, learning to identify where strengths/weaknesses lie in your team can help each member to improve their competencies in problem solving, role allocation, co-ordination, planning and communicating. I can facilitate team-training events for HE institutions, as well as for recruitment assessment centres with companies.



Negotiated on an individual basis

For organisational psychology and behavioural work within and across organisations, tariffs are depending upon the needs and desires of the organisation

or employees within it.


Please contact me to arrange an interview to discuss your specific needs and I will develop a bespoke package for you.






"Mel, combines a depth of academic knowledge with a true appreciation of what HR means in the commercial world. Her passion for the subject and intrigue to pursue new and innovative issues make our collaboration and her delivery professional, stimulating and of great value. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mel and look forward to our continued work together."

Human Resource Director