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The approach I use towards counselling is to holistically support you through your journey towards psychological and emotional health, growth and/or development, using an integrative approach. In order to facilitate your healing process I may use different tools, methods, models and interventions and, at times if appropriate, ask clients to complete small amounts of additional home-work and offer a variety of resources for support.

My work is completely client centred and so I will always attempt to accommodate your needs and desires and try to be as flexible as possible with regard to counselling slots. So whether you require a one off mentoring session; 4-8 weeks of counselling to help you achieve a short term goal; 6-12 months or more of psychotherapy in order to investigate deeper routed issues, we will mutually explore what the most appropriate goals and time frames for you are during the assessment session.

My specialities

Abuse can come in various forms, including physical, sexual, domestic and psychological/emotional abuse. Whatever type of abuse you may have suffered, there can be lingering effects that can impact on our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours which can be detrimental to ongoing and future relationships.


Anger Management

Anger is a human emotion and a tool that we use for survival when we are under threat. We can feel angry when our self-esteem, bodies, loved ones, property, or our desires are threatened. We all differ in what makes us angry, and how we deal with that anger. Some people find it difficult to deal with anger in a sensible and adult way, which can then disrupt and destroy their interactions and relationships.



Anxiety is our body’s reaction to when we experience either a frightening or threatening event. In today’s fast pace life we can experience stress as we face overwhelming responsibilities at work or home, are lonely, feel rejected or fear loss or sickness. If such anxiety-inducing conditions continue they can begin to inhibit our daily functioning which can lead to prolonged anxiety disorders.



Bereavement is the period of grief and mourning we go through after someone close to us dies or we suffer a significant loss. Any significant life changes can provoke a grieving process, which can produce different psychological and physical responses such as anger, withdrawal, resentment etc. Unresolved grief can often lead to more serious disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders.


Depression can start with feelings of sadness, lethargy, and hopelessness. Symptoms may present as extended sleeping, or insomnia, loss of appetite, no interest in people/things/social activities or you may have thoughts of self-harm and/or suicide. When such symptoms persist and begin to negatively inhibit our lives, then it is likely that you are suffering from depression.


Low Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the degree to which people feel good about themselves and their capabilities. Our self-beliefs are influenced by many factors so there is no one identifiable cause of low self-esteem, however it can develop from negative childhood experiences, difficult life experiences e.g. death of a loved one, critical illness; negative relationships; stress and many more factors.


With no agreed medical definition of stress, or what exactly causes stress can make it difficult for us to work out what to do with such feelings, or how to deal with them. We can feel stressed through situations or events, or feelings of stress can be our reaction to being placed under pressure, as when we have demands placed on us that we find difficult to cope with.



Trauma can include responses to powerful one-time incidents including; accidents, natural disasters, crimes, surgeries, deaths, and other violent events. It also includes responses to chronic or repetitive experiences such as child abuse, neglect, war, violent relationships, and enduring deprivation. If the effects of trauma are left resolved, this can impede your ability to cope emotionally, cognitively, and physically with life.






Free Assessment Interview

(40-50 mins)

This assessment will ascertain whether we
are mutually compatible to work together.

Subsequently potential clients will be asked to sign a contract, with an agreed timeframe and tariff based on individual requirements and personal circumstances.


Counselling Session

(50-60 mins, clients in full-time work)


A mutually agreed tariff can be negotiated for individuals who have special circumstances.


Mel has helped me navigate my way through a challenging period in life by providing effective and enjoyable life coaching. By listening to my concerns and understanding the challenges facing me, Mel skillfully makes me consider my thoughts and actions, asking the tough questions when necessary. I now feel better equipped to set and achieve goals, to face new challenges and to improve life

"Mel was a great help. I had very positive and encouraging counselling sessions with her. She is very attentive and perceptive. I would definitely strongly recommend her counselling practice".

"Mel is a skilled counsellor who took time to establish a positive relationship with me. She used a range of models to explore issues and encouraged me to actively reflect on my experiences. She didn't let me avoid the tough questions but encouraged me get there in my own way. I would definitely recommend her"

"I started having counselling with

Mel Ashleigh about 2 years ago. She is a capable counsellor who has walked with me through some tough issues. She is very warm and empathetic but not afraid to challenge me and ask the 'tough' questions."

"Mel is a highly skilled counsellor.

She worked hard to gain my trust
and helped me understand and process my feelings. Through counselling I have gained a greater level of self-awareness, which has dramatically and positively impacted my life in a lasting way. Mel is both friendly  and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend her."